Gospel Boot Camp Details

  • Classes are Monday, October 10th and Tuesday, October 11th, from 9:00am - 4:00pm.
  • All sessions will be held in Chapel Classroom #2.
  • Lunch will be provided each day.
  • There will not be any translation during the Gospel Boot Camp.
  • The Gospel Boot Camp is an event for Pastors, and we do not have any activities scheduled for childcare or your wives during this time. If you would like your wife to attend the Gospel Boot Camp as an observer please let us know as soon as possible by clicking the Contact Us button.
  • Childcare is not provided during the Gospel Boot Camp. Please plan accordingly.
  • Plan on leaving SRC after 4:00pm on Tuesday, October 11th, and schedule accordingly.
  • You will receive a schedule at the SRCP Retreat Check-In.
Gospel Boot Camp is an intense immersion in the Gospel. You’ll leave trained to effectively share the Gospel of the Savior you know and love with any person, in any context, and from any passage. That’s our promise!
— Nori, Nicolas, Co-founder of Gospel Boot Camps